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Architects : Interior Design ::
Content Strategists : Writers

Marcia joined our Synergy IoT business unit marketing dept to consolidate, restructure, and vastly improve the function and UX of our existing fragmented website that was spread across three digital properties. In very short order, Marcia assessed the existing situation, proposed a restructured solution, and worked to execute the plan using both internal corporate and external 3rd party resources – all at the same time to keep the existing fragmented website functioning as best as possible in the interim. Her focus, vision, creativity, and tenacity were truly impressive. Marcia changed the way the marketing team thought about messaging and how users best consume information. ...

Mark Rootz, Senior Director, Marketing – Renesas



From a very early age, I noticed if I crafted my speech for the audience, I had a higher chance of getting what I wanted.

As I grew up, I started perfecting this practice to get people to buy my ideas. When I began my professional career, I was able to tailor the message to get my audience engaged, but in the end, they would be signing in on the project as well.

Digital media flexibility and immediacy allowed me to apply my expertise to a higher purpose - improve user experience. A task that becomes more difficult to achieve every day a new technology comes up. 


An architect is to an Interior Design as

a Content Strategist is to a Writer.

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Information Architecture

Creating effective content by organizing and structuring information to improve readability and understanding.

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