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    Drove +211,400 unique users - a 65% growth from the past year, by onboarding 80 Amazon orgs, building 189 business lines information architecture - a rise of 195% from the previous year, and structuring the migration of 28,952 technical documentation from 8 different platforms.

    Facilitated $918K cost avoidance by challenging a new experience scheduled to launch. Pressed for additional user experience research and insisted on a feature to allow users to switch between experiences. Both strategic actions reversed the decision to change to a newly developed user experience with detrimental usability.

    Volunteered as a content strategist and UX graphic designer for a volunteer-run writing workshop program that helped 72K live and on-demand learners save 1.6K–2.9K FTE (2.6M–4.8M hours) and deliver up to 624K successful docs in a year.

    Created a highly effective solution to consolidate, restructure, and significantly enhance a fragmented user experience across three different digital platforms, including addressing the complexities of global software distribution while ensuring privacy & legal compliance with US Export Control regulations. Renesas consolidated website significantly impacted business operations, vision efficiency, and improved hardware and cloud software distribution.

    Led content team contribution to build the Intel design system, earning recognition from upper management.

    Scaled the VISA website down to 27% of its original size, focusing the message content on meeting users' demands.

    Consistently maintained high customer satisfaction ratings.

    Redesigned Microsoft distributor website - Rackspace, user experience, improving sales conversion, and reducing live touchpoint volume.

    Introduced Hitachi IoT business segment by launching an innovative scalable website foundation with framework and content structure.

    Repurposed Chevron's social media campaign, creating a microsite to increase engagement.

    Redesigned Ortho's user experience through 3 sites in 4 languages, translating messages into digestible size for a user-friendly experience and ultimately increasing engagement.

    Built Wells Fargo content governance plan after analyzing the digital presence, inventorying & auditing content, and interviewing stakeholders.

    Delivered Google Enterprise Google microsite structure - information architecture, sitemap, and content strategy, improving target market perception of Google Security Solutions.

    Consolidated Leapfrog corporate and e-commerce sites - over 1,200 right-reserved products, created templates, and implemented content processes.
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