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Professional Experience

Dec’19 – present

UX Senior Content Strategist

Amazon   eCommerce     Seattle, WA                              

Onboarded various business unit content into a built-from-scratch CMS as the single source of truth.

  • Inventory and audit content from different sources in diverse formats, with specific functionalities to recommend migration structure and format to maintain information performance.

  • Create a distinct navigation structure for each audience, combining stakeholders' content in ecosystems focused on the user experience.

  • Hired, trained, and managed six contractors' offering clear direction and motivational leadership.

  • Volunteered as a content strategist and UX graphic designer for The Writer's Kitchen. Redesigned the Gather events, posters, and emails and created the logo. The simplified, clear, and easy-to-read communications increased attendance and improved participant preparation.

May’16 – Jun'19

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract/Full-time

Renesas   Semiconductor Manufacturer     Milpitas, CA                              

Elaborated and executed different site locations/experiences/systems consolidation into an integrated Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) site with dynamic content fed by corporate product, store, and documentation databases. These sites had static and active, user-specific gated content.

  • Researched the corporation web presence.

  • Inventoried all division web content.

  • Built consolidation plan.

  • Created new experience information architecture and sitemaps.

  • Created content brief pages content, page block maps and proved guidance for wireframes design.

  • Built and execute a complex migration plan, providing guidance and leadership to a global team.

  • Launched a concise web experience, within the corporate site as a silo.

Sept’16 – Oct’16

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract

Beyond     Digital Marketing Agency     San Francisco, CA                           

Worked on a project that required deep search for available content from different sources with different purposes, detailed audit, information architecture, sitemap, and content strategy.

  • Google – created the structure of the Enterprise Security microsite to improve target market perception of Google and its security solutions.

Nov’15 – to Dec’15

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract/Full-time

Doremus   Digital Marketing Agency     San Francisco, CA                              

Worked as a consultant for BBDO/Doremus on a project to build the Wells Fargo Wholesale website governance guidelines. 

  • Researched and analyzed the whole Wells Fargo presence. 

  • Inventoried and audited the Wholesale silo.

  • Interviewed stakeholders.

  • Summarized findings, built and provided project plan.

Jan ’16 – to Aug’16

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract
Epsilon     Digital Marketing Agency     San Francisco, CA

Worked on four projects, as listed below. All required extensive research - client, competition and user's behavior/preferences to build accurate personas, define the message and create efficient user/page flows to guide and support the content strategy. Managed copy creation and content migration – from beginning to end.

  • Rackspace (Microsoft distributor) – redesigned user experience to improve sales conversion/reduce live contact.
  • Hitachi – created the website for a new company/division.
  • Chevron – repurposed social media campaign to create a microsite.
  • Ortho – redesign user experience through three sites in four languages.

Aug ’14 – Dec’14

Content Specialist – Portuguese & English – Contract

Yahoo   Internet & Software     Sunnyvale, CA                              

Worked as context analyst to support improvements to search results.

  • Analyzed query intents versus search results, to assist algorithm to finetune. 

  • Monitored and analyzed site traffic and usage data to make programming decisions.

  • Classified diverse unstructured data.

Jan ’15 – to Oct’15

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract/Full-time

Razorfish   Digital Marketing Agency     San Francisco, CA                              

Worked on the redesign of Visa and Intel IoT websites.

  • Audited and analyzed corporate sites content and assets.

  • Created content strategy deliverables – content audits, gap analysis, taxonomies, metadata frameworks, style guides, content migration plans, etc., across the project lifecycle. 

  • Collaborated closely with the Information Architect, Creative, Strategy and Technology groups. 

  • Defined the content needs of websites and applications. 

  • Manage VISA content migration into AEM. 

  • Worked closely with Intel to ensure content entry run smoothly.

Apr ’13 – Dec ‘13

Web Producer & Digital Content Manager – Contract

Leapfrog   Educational Products Manufacturer      Emeryville, CA                              

Worked on the corporate and e-commerce sites consolidation project.

  • Started as a gate keep/content manager for LeapFrog’s eCommerce website redesign, using an Agile database to push new content on the website.

  • Worked with development and marketing teams to implement Adobe CQ and Scene7 platforms post launch.

  • Created the online editorial guidelines, to maintain consistency throughout all content properties among the team of copywriters.

  • Established and implemented templates and processes to optimize efforts automate procedures and avoid human error, while still allowing the writers free to create content for 1,200 products.

  • Implemented Excel formulas to cross check assets name accuracy, while making sure to keep the SEO nomenclature rules.

  • Expedite legal approvals formatting the content into a mockup page prior to submitting for legal approval. 

  • Legal compliance issues, organized, triaged, copyedited and proofread before the content went into the database and assure content information was archived for future needs and reference.

  • Work cooperatively with sales, engineering, copywriter, marketing, legal, localization, promotion teams, meeting with stakeholder frequently to present performance reports, discuss solutions and ensure guidelines adherence.

  • Became the review approved for expedited issues. 

  • Oversee freelancers, including writers, copyeditors, and community outreach organizers.

Jul ’13 – Nov ’13

Language Specialist & Speech Data Evaluator – Contract

Google   Internet, Software & Telecoms Equipment     Mountain View, CA                              

Worked on the Google Nexus voice command project concept and implementation. 

  • Acquired experience with localization in the mobile/voice technology space, working on the development of the Portuguese version of Google Voice.

  • Translated and localized the most typed search terms into speaking version.

  • Evaluate text data to generate test query sets and linguistic rules for Portuguese.

  • Edit script sentences to maximize natural language and basic query coverage.

  • Proofread spelling errors, style, readability, sentence length, natural language, etc.

  • Label text with language annotations.

  • Test products and devices voice queries.

Jan ’13 – Mar ’13

UX Senior Content Strategist – Contract/Full-time

Apple   Hardware & Software Manufacturing     Cupertino, CA                              

Worked on demand generation email communications for the Brazilian market. 

  • Provide Portuguese linguistic analyses for iTunes machine translated communications initiatives.

  • Develop voice and tone editorial skills to tailor content for various audiences.

  • Test campaign pieces performance along the process.

  • Work with the Engineering team to ensure asset files suitable for localization and integration.

  • Support International Project Manager to maintain the overall project schedule.

Sep ’10 – Jul ’12

Marketing Manager

Lattice Technology   Digital Manufacturing Software     San Francisco, CA                              

  • Created, designed and launched new company website to better address target market. From the concept, content strategy, information architecture, wireframes, template pages, coding, publishing (WordPress) and launching.

  • Elaborated and built AB tests to drive fundamental improvements to the site experience.

  • Planned and executed strategies based on analyzed collected data to increase web presence and improve budget utilization, maximizing website traffic and increasing brand recognition.

  • Implemented marketing automation tools (Marketo & Hubspot) and integrated with CRM (Salesforce) to create lead generation/nurturing programs. 

  • Designed, built and maintained “Marketing Dashboard” of key performance indicators to continuously refine and improve lead-generation, make data-driven marketing decisions and to continuously improve campaign effectiveness.

  • Created and launched the company Blog and Social Media campaigns, and monitored interactions.

Dec ’09 – Sep ’10

Website Content Specialist – Project Manager – Contract

Extractable   Interactive Agency     San Francisco, CA                              

  • Hired to lead the content management efforts for the Riverbed redesign project (Omniture – AKA AEM).

  • Worked along with software engineers to implement appropriate user experience.

  • Managed localization efforts for multiple European and Asian languages and lead web content publishing for RedPrairie/JDA redesign project (Ektron).

Past positions

Jawbone                                                Language Specialist & Content Evaluator 

Wearable Devices                                       Sunnyvale, CA    


Minty Fresh Digital                                International Brand Marketing Research Manager

Integrated Marketing Agency                    San Francisco, CA  

AC Transit                                              Marketing Outreach Program Manager 

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District       Oakland, CA    


AirCargo, Inc.                                         Product Marketing Development 

Air Cargo Freight Directory                        South San Francisco, CA 

BrasilBest                                               Translation & Localization 

Brazilian Cultural Web Magazine               San Rafael, CA    


RF MacDonald                                       Marketing Manager

Boiler & Pump Sales, Service & Parts         Hayward, CA  

Monster Cable                                       International Marketing Manager 

Audio & Video Cable Manufacturer           Brisbane, CA    


e-Acumen                                              Marketing Manager 

Energy Risk Management Software           San Francisco, CA

Zengine                                                 Marketing Manager

e-Commerce                                               Berkeley, CA    


MCSi                                                      Marketing & Events Manager

Audio Visual & Presentations Systems       Berkeley, CA  

Philips of Brazil, Ltd.                             Marketing Manager 

Electronics Manufacturer                           São Paulo, SP  BRAZIL    


Ritmo Advertising                                 Marketing Manager 

Advertising Agency                                     São Paulo, SP  BRAZIL

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