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Imagine you were writing a book. Would you ask a group of 50 people to rewrite your book based on their will? Meaning, each one would randomly pick pages to rewrite as they feel like, or just decide that page should be removed from the book - based only and exclusively on the reader's opinion about that loose page, out of context, at that point in time. Without any background whatsoever. Without reading the entire book ever. Just like that!... Can you imagine how this edition of the book would look/sound like?


Even though a website is not a book, and the user should be able to jump in at any page, we should keep a line of thought - storytelling style to keep them engaged, smoothly flowing from page to page, and compelled to continue navigating through it. The fact that they can jump in at any page should not be a reason to quick them out after one page either.

If the pages have no connection between themselves, there is no flow, and without knowing what to do next, the user is very likely to leave. With so many awesome websites, with structured well-written content, I doubt they will spend much time on your site.


Many people had never heard of Content Strategy.

Why is that?

Unfortunately, some top-level managers are not spending time tuned to the highly changing environment that digital media lives in nowadays. As a Content Strategy professional, I dedicate 4 nights a month to attend meetings with professionals in the area, and yet I feel a little outdated every time I hear a new jargon or new terminology. Needless to say how much I learn from these meetings regarding the latest trends and practices. So, in other words, even being out there, sharing experiences it is hard to 'drink from the fountain' that is this new practice these days.

Is not only the ignorance regarding this role, and more about the resistance to change it. Some would say that this fear would be justified by the fear of being outdated.

Well, if we do not have time to attend meetings, take classes, or read books, we should surround ourselves with well-talented people so we can learn from while we work. And, most importantly, be open to learning new things, instead of being afraid of professionals that are specialized in areas that we are not.

Have you ever met or heard of anyone that walked out of the womb? Everyone had to learn how to walk, and everything else in life, so let's accept our ignorance in some matters, and be open to learning.

As a conclusion, Content Strategy is not only important, it is crucial to provide meaningful storytelling experience to the users. So please be open to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Content Strategy: What is that?

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